Device Chamber Architecture and Construction

Cihaz Odası Mimari ve İnşaat

Radiology Room Shielding Applications, X-Ray, Computerized Tomography, Angiography room lead-shield applications are made by our experienced professionals with TAEK standards. Our projects are compatible with Turkish Atom Energy Instituion regulations, construction supervision application and building works legislation, and observed,inspected by expert Construction Engineers.

RF Room Applications, MRI scanners need to be RF isolated for proper working during MRI scanning. The RF signals which are produced by MRI device must be isolated and there must not be any signal interference which will affect scanning performance in a bad way.

RF room is designed specially. Protection in RF rooms is provided by copper plates or galvanized panels. RF cage application is applied by our Electric-Electronics and Physics engineers with high end measurement systems. Again our projects are carried out in accordance with the legislation of constructions in medical fields.