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MEDCON Healthcare team provide devices and solutions to improve quality of any end-users/patients’ health by our experts specialized in theire fields with more than 15 years of sales/service/operation/application experience. Our company is the authorized distributor of medical device manufacturers which proved themselves in the medical and diagnostic areas.

  • 27 Ekim 2017

    MEDCON, MR Güvenlik alanında önemli projelere imza atıyor

    MEDCON Tıbbi Cihazlar San. ve Tic. A.Ş. kurucusu Murat Kayıran ile çalışmaları hakkında...

  • 01 Aralık 2016

    ACT VENTURE PARTNERS Türkiye'de MEDCON'u tercih etti

    Hollanda Merkezli Teknoloji ticarileştirme odaklı bir risk sermayesi fonu olan...

  • 19 Kasım 2016

    MEDCON Tıbbi Cihazlar sektöre "Merhaba" dedi

    Sektöre yeni “merhaba” diyen MEDCON Tıbbi Cihazlar San. ve Tic. A.Ş. kurucusu Murat KAYIRAN ile bir söyleşi...

Why MRI Compatible Devices?

MRI diagnosis devices are expensive, high level and need special security procedures. Very strong magnets are used in MRI systems. Because of that, there is no proven health risk on living organisms. However if the MRI security rules do not noticed, injury, loss life or expensive device damages may occur. Going in to the MRI room with incompatible equipment with MRI especially Ferromagnetic(having a high susceptibility to magnetization) materials which occur iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys might cause serious, even deadly accidents for the patient and staff.

The worldwide researches show MRI caused injuries and deaths occur because of compliance issue with safety regulations.

Cardiac pacemakers, cardiac defibrillators, metallic heart valve prostheses, hearing aids, middle ear cannulas and all neurostimulator devices, those with aneurysm clamps, bone stimulators and electronic drug pumps, catheters and vascular stent implants, all kinds of devices and articles made of metal Mobile phones, credit cards, watches, buckles, metal fragments and other electronic devices are not allowed to to be taken into the scanning room.

Medical materials and devices which are used with MRI must be compatible with MRI.